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Technology evolvement has facilitated us with unbelievable range of devices to access the internet such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and iPads. These days from web friendly phones and tablets, there is an increasing amount of people searching for products and services using their smart devices.

This is also a true fact that still there are so many web owners who have not made their website mobile friendly. Since lots of studies have confirmed that more and more people day after day are turning to smartphones and tablets for their internet use, so neglecting this big volume of net surfers on mobile could cost very badly to those web owners in terms of traffic and revenues who are still relying on their traditional desktop based websites.

According to eMarketer, this year, 15% of online retail sales will take place through mobile devices and this ratio will reach to 25% by 2017.

This study from eMarketer is sufficient to let you know how fast eCommerce world is changing; make sure you are not left behind in competition. The best solution to survive in this high towering competition of eCommerce trend is, provide what your users want, take responsive website development approach.

In next three 3 years, mobile search is going to increase by 60%. Searching for any information through mobile device is becoming so easy and time saving. You don’t need to start and log on in big screen desktop every time. There are lots of user friendly and search friendly devices available and you can take them with you anywhere.

Take a look on astonishing facts and future forecast about mobile trend:

  • By 2016, mobile users in US will increase from 174 million to 265 million
  • By 2016, users from US accessing internet through PC’s will shrink from 240 million to 225 million
  • By 2017, more than 90% of enterprise apps will be both mobile and desktop which is up from 20% in 2013
  • 91% of people on planet have mobile phone where 56% people own smart phone
  • 72% of tablet users buy online through their tablets each week
  • 80% of smartphone and 81% tablet users use their as a TV for video or live TV broadcasting
  • 41% of people have used their mobile devices to browse for the product after seeing in advertisement or show

Mobile has indeed become strong point of engagement between customers and brands. The disappointing story here is that inspite of such a massive mobile users audience many businesses are still lagging back in getting their website mobile compatible.

Walk with world; change your strategies according to market trends. Earning high profit can be so easy if you truly realize what market is demanding. Waking up too late can damage your business very badly.

With the rapid increase in the amount of web traffic coming through mobile users, redesigning your business website accordingly can be a wise decision and good for business health.

Responsive web design is not just a buzz word but it is all about accessibility and flexibility and that’s the important aspect for business growth. We are digital agency comprised of extremely talented and skilled craftsmen who are cable to convert your normal website into responsive website. Need help, get in touch with us today.


We are in web development business since 2009 and we are happy to say that WordPress has been at the core of our progress. In its early days, WordPress gained stunning popularity as a blog publishing platform but later it has evolved as a complete CMS (Content Management System). By providing outstanding range of features has made WordPress one of the most reliable, userfriendly and powerful open source tools. There are so many big and well know brands who are using wordpress as their CMS for website management. As of August 2013, WordPress has powered around 18.9% of the top 10 million websites in the world which is a staggering statastics. Below you will find the few significant reasons why you should opt the WordPress.

Open source

Being open source, WorPress is easily available to download for free from its official website ( As it is free, the code is open and permissible to be customized more and more people are using it to show their creativity and innovation. Non- technical person can grasp its features and functionality effortlessly in short time. Those who are looking to build their business website using WordPress, it is recommended to take help of expert WordPress developers to capitalize outstanding range of features which WordPress provides. There are plenty of resources available for assistance that can help you to make your website building process easy and quick. Unlike other CMS platform, WordPress offers features to convert your normal content website into online shopping store using the WordPress eCommerce plugins.

Easy to manage

WordPress offers intuitive admin interface to update, edit content of the website. Adding new page, blog and images is considerably so easy compared to other CMSs. Since WordPress is so simple, one should easily make necessary modification without any expert help. You are able to update content of your website at any point of time from any corner of world with internet access without any need to install any additional software.

SEO built-in structure

WordPress possess strong, simple and clear code making it considerable search engine friendly system. Code used in WordPress, search engine robots love to read and get highest preference of getting index fast. This is not the end yet, additionally WordPress offers for each page, post and image its own separate title, description and keyword meta by making prices customization efforts, you can secure highest position is search results.

Broad range of plugins

WordPress offers gamut plugins for specific needs of website. These plugin can be installed easily in your website for enhanced functionality. You can download essential free and premium plugins for your website from WordPress house.

Excellent range of themes

You are free to select specific theme according to your business needs. WordPress volunteers constantly release unique and creative themes at affordable if they are paid. Most of themes are customizable and search engine friendly. You can take benefit of hiring professional theme designer to get attractive yet professional look and feel for you website.


We need to accept that in past WordPress did fall in the trap of hackers but with the time spent, it has emerged as a strong and highly secure open source. Lots of security measurements have been taken to make WordPress most secure and reliable platform. It is recommended to take help of expert WordPress developer while setting up your WordPress website to save it from hackers intrusive attempts.

Read the ultimate guide to make your WordPress secure and safe.


I’m sure you’d agree that a broken website is likely to be skipped within a fraction of seconds. It’s absolutely awful, isn’t it? To see a web page with broken images, text overlapping, buttons not working or taking ages to get open. I personally would not be staying longer on such website to waste more time. Most of the visitors would do the same and your website which isn’t properly checked and is presented with defects is likely to be ignored. You will be losing valuable visitors, leads and business.

We are in the age of mobile devices now. Internet is accessed through various smart phones and tablets on extremely high scale apart from traditional Desktop systems. The volume of users is increasing day by day. Businesses are competing extremely aggressively to be visible and have more and more traffic on their website. It’s a mainstream business channel. No one is prepared to take risks and why not – website has become the main gateway of businesses these days. Your website tells a lot about your business, your professionalism, your services, and your reputation. It’s a face you show to the world and has to be presented in the most sophisticated way as possible.

so all in all, it’s very very important that your website a) has superb design, easy and user friendly navigation and functionality b) it’s working perfectly without any defects and has been Quality Checked thoroughly.

In this article, I would be emphasizing what Quality Checking Tools are available and common mistakes to avoid ensuring that your website stands at the top.

Although it requires lot of things to be taken care of we have compiled below few most important quality checking points which must be taken care.


Over the years we have seen an explosive growth in internet usage and website development technology has advanced at extreme rapid pace. The first quarter of 2014 has passed with flying colours and this industry is set to reach new heights for remaining of the year. Both technical and creative aspects are getting equal acknowledgment which is just making web browsing experience of us as user more engaging, interesting, secure and easy.

Let’s find out some of the latest website development trends which have been picking up and becoming more popular for this year.


Single Page Website

Single page website is a hot trend these days. They are simply using long scrolling pages and this could be an ideal choice when it comes to show a visually appealing story of product or service. Single page website has gained amazing popularity due to easy access on mobile devices where clicking from page to page could be an annoying for viewers unless website possess responsive template.

If you have made your mind for single page long scrolling website then you should plan for engaging good quality content, highly creative graphics and if possible video as well. This would help to keep visitors occupied on your website. You need to make sure that the web designers should grasp both intuitive design and representation of content in the context of scrolling pages. Have a good UX test prior to agreeing on design.

Flat Design

Over the last several months, Flat Design has created its own big space in web design industry. It seems like many web designers are adopting the trend of so-called ‘Flat Design’ and implementing in into their work. Even large companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have followed this trend on their own website.

Flat design is in demand right now because it is all about improving user experience that is very important element for online businesses to attract more traffic.

Mobile platforms

Responsive web design has been an essential need of business websites recently since they identify the screen resolution and reformat web pages and creates a smooth communication between users and websites whether on tablet, Smartphone or traditional Desktop PCs.

With the increase in use of tablet and smartphones for internet browsing and online shopping, this has become necessary for an effective and successful online marketing strategy.


Designers are now focusing more on giving website a fantastic look using custom-made fonts such as Google Fonts with unique flavors. Use of too many different font types in website can make website look confusing to readers unless they are used wisely.

Do you want to know more about typography trends in upcoming years then read this typography.

Javascript / HTML 5 / CSS3

It was time when designers loved to use Flash plugins to built something intuitive and creative animation. In recent years, Microsoft Silverlight plugin has helped designers covers as much the same ground offered by Flash. However these plugins have helped a lot but the issue is, search robots struggle to crawl web pages who use Flash content and also web pages with Flash content usually take longer time to load. With the advent of Javascript, HTML and CSS, these plugins have starting losing edge and today we have smart and even better way to feed the advance browsers with brilliant and visually appealing rich content which can be easily read by search robots. You will easily come across excellent slider, drop downs, mouse roll over and much more. Using Java Script your website can be extremely impressive.

Large Background Images & Video

In the past, website with large background images took ages to load and also make website look horrific. These large background images certainly distracted and annoyed the users and failed to convey a clear message. With the faster internet connections, today large background images are no longer an issue since web designers now can smoothly implement the large background images that actually enhance the user experience. People love to see brilliant photographs spread across the web page.

Along with large background image, use of video background is also a hot trend these days. With the fast internet connections and advance technologies such as HTML5, implementing video in background has become so easy for designers. While video background still has problem in older browsers, new browsers seamlessly play video that eventually improve the site design and user experience.


Have you tried all the best possible SEO guidelines and followed all the white hat tricks in the book to have better rankings but it still doesn’t work? It’s a very common issue and fortunately there are ways getting around this.

Let’s find out some important points which can possibly help you out and make your SEO work.

–> Login to Google Webmaster Tool to check if you have received any Google Manual Penalty

Google Webmaster Tool is best and beautiful way to manage your website since it gives you access of all necessary aspects which are very useful as per SEO perspectives. This is the best medium to check whether or not you have Google penalty and what steps you should follow to address it.

To check penalty, navigate to “All Messages” tab. If there isn’t any message from Google about penalty then you should have sigh of relief and concentrate further on more efficient ethical ways to improve SEO.

–> Take a look on to your website indexation status and Crawl Stats

In the Google Webmaster Tool it’s important for you to check indexation rate. Notice particularly if you can see any drastic changes.

If you can see any sudden drops in your website crawl stats then it should be a technical SEO problem which can be resolved by getting Google to re crawl your website.

–> Google Analytics Tool to check for Traffic

Google Analytics is one of the best found and service offered by Google. It generates you all the necessary reports you need in order to build further effective marketing strategies.

Navigate to “Acquisition” tab in Google Analytics and then go to “Channels” and sort by dimension. Do months over months comparison to make sure isn’t something going wrong in your organic, referral and direct traffic your website is accommodating.

It is very easy to identify whether or not your website is suffering in organic traffic but it is worth to check you haven’t lost any important referral link traffic so that you could able to determine where the actual problem lies.

–> Analyze your Landing Page

It is a good strategy to take a look at your landing pages traffic. If you see any drastic changes in your landing pages then I think it’s a matter of concern. It is a great way to figure out why certain pages of your website have lost traffic. Do link analysis for that individual page to make sure there is no negative SEO performed, if so then disavow those bad links pointing to those web pages which you expect to draw good traffic.

–> Check your Sitemap

Make sure your website .xml is present in Google webmaster tool. In webmaster tool, navigate to your domain and click “Crawl” and select “Sitemaps” option in drop down menu. By clicking on that option you can figure out whether Google has encountered any problem or issue with your website. If yes then take appropriate steps to get those issues solved.

–> Check Robots.txt File

Check your website Robots.txt file and make sure you don’t detect any funny thing like important pages not getting consumed by Search Engines. Robots.txt file is a gateway of your website that helps search robots to identify what action to take on your website. Checking your website Robots.txt file will let you verify what pages you may still have blocked and fix them accordingly. Disallowing important pages knowingly or unknowingly can lead to a drastic drop in your website traffic.

–> Check Individual Pages for No Index

Just because a page isn’t blocked by your website robots.txt file that doesn’t mean it is being crawled by search robots. It is fair necessary to check the code of pages. Go through each of your pages and make sure that you don’t detect ‘No Index’ tags in the header code of the page.

General list of ongoing activities to be performed for consistent improvement in traffic and rankings:

  • Updating your website with quality and engaging content. Best way to do this is through Blog, Portfolio, Testimonials, News etc.
  • Generating high quality backlinks through guest posts and other important reputed places like client websites, partners, memberships and certifications etc.
  • Following the latest modern website development trends such as having creative responsive website implemented with a SEO friendly CMS system.
  • Drawing maximum traffic through active and regularly updated social profiles. Social profile reputation play huge part in today’s SEO.
  • Promoting services and content through social network medium.
  • Getting rid of bad spammy links which may be coming from cheap link farms. It’s a laborious activity. You will need to write to site admin to remove link of our website first and you will have to prepare list to submit to Google to disavow bad links.

WordPress is a well renowned open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. In beginning WordPress was used as a blogging system but has evolved as a complete Content Management System (CMS). There in an enormous pool of great plugins and creative themes available that can be used for a completely Classicus CMS or eCommerce website development. It can be downloaded and installed free of cost from WordPress repository. WordPress is easy to learn and gives full control over each element of website. You can re-arrange widget without editing code. It is also very SEO friendly with various inbuilt features and also supported by good SEO plugins for WordPress which you can apply as per your requirements.

WordPress considered to be the best platform to start web development journey since it consist some of the popular web programming languages such as PHP, HTML, CSS and little bit of JavaScript.

We have collected the best and brilliant examples of WordPress websites on the web you can take inspiration for your next project.