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Android Training in Satellite, Ahmedabad

In today’s market there is a huge demand for Android Developers following the market trend where mobile phone based on android OS is in maximum demand.
Android development is now seen as a great career as more and more people are now using this technology for several purposes. Development of mobile apps for various reasons has brought android developers in High Demand making it easier for the end users to unleash several apps some finger touch away.
A Quick look on how to create Android App:

  •  Building Your First App
  •  Adding the Action Bar
  •  Supporting Different Devices
  •  Managing the Activity Lifecycle
  •  Building a Dynamic UI with Fragments
  •  Saving Data
  •  Interacting with Other Apps

We provide Android Training to MCA and BE students as well as to Professional working People.

Working on Real Time Projects gives you an opportunity and an added edge over other Android students or trainees. We ensure that you at least work on 1 live real time project after the completion of our Android Course.

Learn Android Application Development with us and we ensure you will learn how to develop an Android App on your own.

We provide a productive and highly practical Android Training in Satellite.

Come and explore the different options that we offer through our Android Training in Ahmedabad.

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  • History
  • Installation of Android for Development
  • Setting up Environment and Understanding SDK


Android Architecture

  • Application Fundamentals
  • Application Framework
  • Libraries and Virtual Machine


Application Fundamentals

  • Application Component with Linux User ID
  • Activities
  • Broadcast Receiver Services
  • Content Provider
  • Manifest File and Application
  • Resources


Life cycle of Activity

  • What is Activity?
  • Life Cycle of Activity


Life cycle of Services

  • What is Services?
  • Practical Use of Service
  • Life cycle of Service
  • Difference between Service and Broadcast Receiver


Intent and Intent filter

  • What is Intent?
  • Practical Use of Intent
  • What is Intent filter?


Android Manifest file

  • Understanding of different Tag of manifest file
  • Android Permission and its use


User Interface

  • Fundamental of Android UI design
  • View and View Groups
  • Introducing different layouts
  • Creating Menus
  • Tools for designing UI xml like Droid Draw


Data Storage

  • Android Data and Storage API
  • Managing Data Using SQLite
  • Sharing Data with Content Provider


Location and Maps

  • Practical Use of Location Based Services
  • How to obtain user Location?
  • Fundamental of Network Provider and GPS
  • Google API for Maps
  • Geo coding and Reverse geo coding


Publishing Your App

  • Difference between debug mode and release mode
  • How to generate Private Key?
  • Sign your app with private key?