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Develop iPhone/iPad Application with Classicus Infotech based in Bopal Ahmedabad

Get the knowledge and the hands-on experience you need to program for the iPhone and iPad. With the iPhone and iPad development training, you’ll build several applications by learning how to use Xcode tools, the Swift programming language, and the core frameworks.

The iOS Training provides a comprehensive grounding in iOS (iPhone/iPad) application development and provides ability to build apps and a thorough understanding of the key concepts and techniques.

Classicus Infotech is well known IT training Company in Bopal Ahmedabad for IOS as well other latest technologies.

Classicus Infotech’s iOS training course content is basically designed from basic to advanced levels.

We have team of the best IOS Training experts who are working professionals with hands on real time IOS projects expertise.

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  • Introduction to iPhone Architecture
  • Essential COCOA Touch Classes
  • Interface Builder
  • Protocols and Extensions
  • Enumerations and Structures
  • Nib File and Story Board
  • COCOA and MVC Framework
  • Map integration
  • image upload download
  • Third party integration
  • Project Scope
  • Database Dictionary
  • Flow Chart
  • High Level Requirements
  • Location Mapping
  • Deployment
  • Integration to Web services
  • Application Integration like (Facebook, Payment, Gmail etc)
  • Launching other Applications
  • let keyword
  • var keyword
  • Print
  • .swift file intro
  • Mutable array
  • Mutable Dictionary
  • For-in, for, while loop
  • Repeat-while loop
  • Functions and Closures
  • Objects and Classes
  • Basic Controls
  • Creating Outlets and Actions
  • Controllers and Memory Management
  • Using Application Delegate
  • Connecting Outlets
  • Managing Application Memory
  • Views (Alert View, Table Views, Picker, Date and Time, Image)
  • Navigation Based Application Development
  • Tab Bar
  • Audio and Video
  • Releasing Memory
  • Animation and 2-D Graphics
  • Email Sending
  • JSON Parsing
  • Web Services Integration
  • SQLite
  • Parsing Data with SQLite
  • Firebase Database