Our New Project Amrap Active Just Launched!

Few Words From Amrap Active

We’re a community who trains hard. We need gear that keeps up. We don’t take ourselves too seriously (apart from this photo where I look totally bad-ass). And we’re always happy to get a PB & look good doing it. Oh & we’re about ot have a little name change – soon AMRAP Athletica will be AMRAP Active aligning better with the vision for the brand.

You probably love buying new gear to train in & there’s no secret there’s a shit ton of people out there doing it now. But wouldn’t it be nice if you knew . . .

* The gear you’re buying was designed by someone who actually has a background in the fashion industry & trains every day just like you (kinda important right?).

* That instead of dodgy cotton & cheap fabrics, you’re always going to get a garment that lasted, washed well & kept it’s shape.

* I’ll never fill you up on non-existent fabric technologies – there’s quite a lot of insinuations out there leading you to believe you are purchasing a cutting-edge, trademarked fabric when in fact, it’s simply not true. On the other hand a lot of new technologies involve coating fabric in layers of chemicals – from what I can determine I am not yet seeing enough research on the effects of transfer to the skin when you’re hot & sweaty. So I promise, no bull shit to fluff up the product – just the facts.