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JOB Oriented CodeIgniter Training

We do offer Fast-Track CodeIgniter Training in Ahmedabad and One-to-One CodeIgniter Training in Ahmedabad. Here are the major topics we cover under this Introduction of Web & PHP, What is a relational database About tables, records and fields, SQL language, Active Record Class-Insert Date, Server side validation, Building Web Pages with codeigniter, Captcha image verification, Active Record Class:- Method Chaining, Deleting Data, Database Normalization. Every topic will be covered in mostly practical way with examples.

Classicus Infotech located in Bopal Ahmedabad. We are the best Training Institute offers certification oriented CodeIgniter Training in Ahmedabad. Our participants will be eligible to clear all type of interviews at end of our sessions. We are building a team of CodeIgniter trainers and participants for their future help and assistance in subject. Our training will be focused on assisting in placements as well.

CodeIgniter Training Key Features

Classicus Infotech offers CodeIgniter Training in Ahmedabad with expert developers. Here are the key features,

  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • 30+ Hours Course Duration


  • Installing CodeIgniterInstalling CodeIgniter  Get Into the file structure
  • Using methods in views  Creating custom controllers
  • Creating a model and a database  Creating the users controller and creating a user model method
  • Auto-loading Model  Processing a result from a model in a controller
  • Transferring data to views
  • Creating a library
  • Extend a library
  • Adding a helper
  • Extend a helper
  • Extending Core Classes
  • Intro to the CRUD
  • Helper function examples
  • Selecting Data in our DB table based on parameters
  • Conditions in our Queries
  • Inserting Data
  • Updating Data
  • Deleting Data
  • Intro to Form Validation
  • Form Validation
  • Form Validation and using sessions
  • Setting up the else condition for validations
  • Creating login user method in the user module
  • Blueprinting the application
  • Building the CMS database
  • Establishing your work area
  • Creating and styling the first page
  • Making page assets reusable
  • Connecting the application to the database
  • Giving our user some sessions with CodeIgniter
  • Setting up notifications
  • Displaying form based on conditions
  • Creating the logout form
  • Creating the logout method
  • Creating an admin view
  • Creating more users columns
  • Creating register view
  • Creating register Method and Challenge
  • Validations and Solution
  • Navigation and Links
  • Testing and setting up create user method
  • Creating the user model code
  • Testing and Creating User
  • Password Encryption
  • Updating Login Code with password encryption
  • Projects Home Page
  • Creating the projects table
  • Access to projects page code
  • Projects model setup
  • Creating the create project method in models and view
  • Creating Projects
  • Creating our projects controller edit method
  • Creating the edit project method in the model
  • Creating the get projects method in the model
  • Editing projects
  • Deleting projects