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CorelDraw Graphics

Get training from expertised and experienced Professional Trainers of Classicus Infotech located in Bopal Ahmedabad.

Learn CorelDraw with the help of our expert professionals who are dedicated to delivering best training practices whether you want to learn  CorelDraw from Basics or at an advanced level.

CorelDraw is a vector based graphic tool. you can use this instead of illustrator. It is widely used to create brochures, logos, advertisements etc. Coreldraw comes along with a bundle of other tools like photo paint, tracer etc.

CorelDraw is capable of handling multiple pages along with multiple master layers. Multipage documents are easy to create and edit and the Corel print engine allows for booklet and other imposition so even simple printers can be used for producing finished documents. One of the useful features for single and multi-page documents is the ability to create linked text boxes across documents that can be resized and moved while the text itself resets and flows through the boxes. Useful for creating and editing multi-article newsletters etc.

Corel Draw is a vector based graphic designing software which one can use for creating logos, brochures, flexes and vector designs based on creativity and lining. This course is all about learning the latest version of Corel Draw which is X7. Learning this software enables You to create any kind of logo which is printable, because we use this software mostly for printable things.

Classicus Infotech based in Bopal  Ahmedabad offers the best, advanced and creative training in CorelDraw Graphics.

We train students under highly trained professional provide quality guidance.

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  • Introduction to Corel Draw
  • Features of Corel Draw
  • Corel Draw Interface
  • Tool Box
  • Moving from Adobe Illustrator to Corel Draw
  • Common Tasks
  • Drawing and Coloring
  • Creating Basic Shapes
  • Reshaping Objects
  • Introduction & the basics
  • Creating Basic Logos in Corel Draw X7
  • Understanding Corel Draw X7 Menus
  • Creating Advance Projects in Corel Draw X7
  • Reshaping Objects
  • Applying color fills and Outlines
  • Mastering with Text
  • Artistic and paragraph text