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CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a rich set of libraries and a simple interface that allows applications to be built fast without compromising on quality or efficiency. When combined with MySQL, one of the most widely used relational databases, which is popular because it is easy to integrate with a front end and has a wide repository of support, one gets to build flexible web sites and web applications rapidly. Zeolearn’s course will help you leverage the CodeIgniter’s broad compatibility features and simplistic development tools through a blended workshop that comprises of theory and plenty of hands on exercises for practical learning. You will learn about the CodeIgniter Framework form, how to connect with the database and how to make websites more interactive, effective, less complex and easily manageable

CodeIgniter is among the most popular PHP frameworks because of its simplicity and elegance. It has a vast repository of libraries such as calendar, email, validation, uploading and several others. In short, it has all the tools one needs to build an effective application without having to get down to the basics. Zeolearn’s course on CodeIgniter and MySQL will take you through the fundamentals of this framework and the RDBMS. By the end of this course, you will be building your own web applications with expertise gained from the numerous practical sessions you will undergo under the guidance of your mentors and instructors.

Get high quality CodeIgniter  course module in a very affordable packages with reliable and experienced staff of Classicus Infotech based in Bopal Ahmedabad.

Classicus Infotech based in Bopal Ahmedabad provides a complete guidance to work on CodeIgniter live project with server configuration

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  • PHP and MySQL
  • Why use a framework?
  • What is CodeIgniter Framework?
  • What is a relational database About tables, records and fields
  • SQL language
  • Using the MySQL Command Line Client
  • Active Record Class- Selecting Data
  • Session
  • Email system
  • Active Record Class- Updating Data
  • Database relationship
  • Database Model Description
  • Secure path SSL
  • Email Manager
  • Active Record Class-Insert Date
  • Client Side Validation
  • RegExp
  • Server side validation
  • Captcha image verification
  • Active Record Class:- Method Chaining, Deleting Data
  • Database Normalization
  • Basic database design concept
  • CodeIgniter Methods
  • CodeIgniter Classes
  • Cookies
  • Include file & file upload
  • PayPal Standard