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Social Marketing Tool


Capture more eyeballs with your messages and get even more likes, comments, shares, and clicks. Optimize your messages according to best practices and real data!


Connect with your audience (in a human way)! Add a lil’ personality AND build trust with your audience with the RIGHT message.


Craft enticing social messages that attract the right audience, drive traffic back to your content, and ultimately CONVERT.

People can Post to multiple facebook groups and pages at a time. Can schedule facebook post and it gets posted automatically.

People are often introduced to your business’ website through social media. Classicus helps marketers create and execute a social media marketing plan that drives social referral traffic and effectively increases brand awareness.

Social marketing is based on the adaptation of the contemporary commercial marketing theory and practice as a means of guiding and aiding social change campaigns. This paper draws on recent developments in commercial marketing theory and prior work in social marketing definitions to create a new definition of social marketing.

Putting Social Marketing to Work, describes the steps in the development of the social marketing plan with emphasis on the research functions; its execution, including the lessons learned from experience.