Can upload pre recorded videos and share it with all subscribed students. Imagine having a single platform to do everything from conducting online videos and courses. We are providing E-Learning Platform For Instructors.

E-Learning Platform is best suitable for people who wants to learn, teach and collaborate online. With Classicus, you can easily create and sell highly interactive, themed, and blended courses online in minutes.

“Teacher accounts” allows you to invite and share your account with other instructors who can contribute and manage your courses, tests, and live classes. The result – significant cost savings. Use Virtual Classroom to deliver live classes, webinars, and conferences that engages audience anytime and anywhere!

No Initial Investment

no initial investment is required to get YOUR own e-Learning Management System, and there is no need to buy hardware or software licensing

Your LMS

Your e-Learning platform will be created with the unique name of your choice, eg., allowing your users to access to “Your personal company system”

No Monthly Fees

there is no need to pay monthly fixed fees when using your FREE LMS platform. On top of that, we give you a free credit for testing purposes.

Simple E-Commerce Solution

Start your own online e-Learning marketplace! Open an e-shop and let everybody on the Internet see the courses you offer. Use the opportunity to make an extra profit just by a few clicks!

Mobile Friendly App Like

your users may run the eLearning web app on whatever mobile device like smart phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads or PC which gives them the freedom to study on whatever place and whatever time

Cloud Based LMS

using cloud allows you to access the LMS platform through all internet browsers and digital devices regardless of where they are


do you need to use different languages? Each user may choose their own language variety in your e-Learning software

Tutorials And Forum

our e-Learning platform is supported by video tutorials and there is a support forum available as well

Full Privacy and Security

all data uploaded to your LMS platform is fully secured and only authorized users have access to the e-Learning Management System. The internet communication and user access is secured by SSL protocol.

E-learning Course Sample

you will have access to the example course to help you design a course that suits your needs.