Best Node.js Tutorials & Resources For Beginners

The hottest new technology for web developers is Node.js. Node powers a number of tools including the NPM package manager.

But Node is also a powerful JS-based framework that can be used on the backend of a web server. This allows developers to move away from languages like PHP and focus solely on JavaScript.

So how do you learn Node and start using it for real projects? In this post I’ll share the best Node.js tutorials and learning resources you can use to pick up Node quickly. If you’re completely new to full-stack JS you might consider skimming this post first.

Node.js Tutorials

Getting started typically involves a basic setup and configuration of Node on your local computer. From here you can test out different features and write scripts that perform whatever actions you want.

I recommend the online guide Node: Up And Running by O’Reilly. This does have a book you can purchase but the team put this guide online for free to help new Node developers pick up the basics.

That is ultimately the best place to start if you’re completely new to Node development. It holds your hand step-by-step and guides you to completion with real-world applications.

Thankfully Node in Practice starts right at the beginning so it’s perfect for newcomers. Once you get past the basics you’re given code snippets and recipes for common problems like database management and debugging.

Communities & Resources

The first Node-related site I have to recommend is JSApp. It’s a free Node.js testing ground where you can run web applications in your browser via cloud servers.

This post should have more than enough for a brand new developer to get started on Node. If you already have some comfort with JavaScript then you’re well on your way to success.

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