Why Using WordPress To Build an App?

Building web applications is very different than building WordPress sites, themes, or plugins, and, how you use it, may invalidate some of the reasons for choosing WordPress. As a result, you need to think through which reasons still apply and decide if it still makes sense to use WordPress at all.

Here are some of the big reasons to choose WordPress to build an app—which, for the most part, apply to any type of project:

  • Awesome and highly extensible content management and editing
  • A solid and secure relational database that is easy to query
  • A totally customizable REST API
  • A strong commitment to backwards-compatibility
  • PHP—a mature, solid, and rapidly improving language
  • A powerful and extendable URL mapping system—for example, WP Rewrites
  • Your overall familiarity using and working with WordPress

These are all good reasons to use WordPress; however it’s important to consider that it is not the only solution out there. Keep those in mind, listen to the WordPress-haters, as their alternatives might be good options, but keep in mind that you know WordPress, and you’re good at it. That alone may be the reason you’re using it.